Frequently Asked Questions:

Who runs this program and Dam Good Publishing?

There are two people involved in our company. You can think of us as a mom and pop press because that's who we are! We've also got some associates like the chief of annoyance. That is our toddler and she's in charge of making sure I don't spend too much time behind the computer. She has two assistant secretaries called Droopy and Nestle: Our Labrador retrievers.

Do I have to have a blog/website to join? Can I just review? Can I have a non book related website?
We don't want to drive anyone away who would like to help our authors out, but we also need to be careful. Book reviewers, book bloggers, and some authors will be looked upon much more highly for reviews. However, if you have no hidden agenda (not trying to trade reviews for reviews mostly) you may contact us. The process will be slightly different per person, and not all options may be available depending on your situation. 

Question: Can I only do one thing or one at a time?

Answer: Absolutely not. If you would like to do an interview and a giveaway, or a guest post and a giveaway, or a combination of other things to earn more points, we appreciate that. You may even ask for different authors. Heck you can can ask for everything, we'd love that. Your points aren't given until after the individual task is accomplished, so if you find yourself overwhelmed there is no commitment.

Questions: I get the points only after I complete the task?
Yes, this way we aren't trying to remember who did what, and you aren't 'chained' to doing anything you don't want to. We also have an excel file that helps us manage who has done what for our authors.

Question: Do I have to have a positive review to get points?

 No. Although if it's positive we might ask if you'd like to post on Amazon, but that's not required.

Our goal is to keep our authors in front of eyes. I read somewhere that piracy is not the death of books, but obscurity. Therefore we try hard to get our authors noticed even before they are published.

If your review is negative, simply email it to us and you will still earn your points.

Do I have to post on other review sites? Do I earn more points for doing so?

To keep things simple and fair (especially to those who dislike a book because it didn't fit them), reviews should be placed on your own blog. We also appreciate if you decide to review it on Amazon, goodreads, shelfari, librarything, smashwords, or any of those wonderful book sites. However, we do not state you have to do it.

We will also be linking to your review on this site, as well as on our business site and author's sites.

I don't particularly like Scifi or Fantasy, but I don't mind doing an interview or guest post. Is that okay?

If you know you won't enjoy a book, then we do encourage interviews, guest posts, or even giveaways if you think your audience will enjoy Scifi or Fantasy.

After December and the gift card is given out, what happens here?

After December 31st, points move back to 0. However we will be offering another 50 dollar Amazon card.

Is A 50 Dollar Amazon Card all we can earn?

Our company is very small, composed of two partners: Myself and my husband. Our resources are limited, and we feel this is the best way to get our authors some appropriate attention without bending FTC guidelines, and without bankrupting ourselves during our building process.

As our company grows, I would personally love for that Amazon Card amount to grow. The better and more popular we become, hopefully the more we can offer even higher gift cards.

Can I review a print book or giveaway a print book?

Print books are expensive for us, which is why we want to use a gift card instead. However, if your blog has a great deal of followers (over 1000) we can send you a print book after your review. If you want to use that same print book for a giveaway afterward, that is okay. You must let us know ahead of the review though if you would like one, as ordering can take time and money. If we have a copy on hand, it takes less time but ordering can be anywhere from a week to 3 months.

*Sorry but US residents only for print, unless you have an international blog that is really, really popular.

What if the highest points for the Gift Card are both the same?

If two people end up tying, we will be awarding it to the one who made the points first.

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